I’m lunch quickly at a cheap menu, € 10.90.

I have to deliver some web content before I take the car to Taradell to talk about cyberbullying at 8 pm. Touch «road and blanket».
Suddenly, a news struck me. Everything stops

Someone have murdered in Malta with a car bomb Daphne Caruana Galizia, a 53-year-old journalist and blogger who had uncovered and lead the publication of the case of the roles of Panama.
His investigations had lead him to the government of Malta for alleged corruption.

Cowards have not had the courage to face your face to face. His cowardice delats them.
Your only weapon, the word, has caused hatred and fear. Your only weapon, the word, has confirmed that you are on the good track.
Your investigation would uncover the secret bank account that would have the President of Malta, Joseph Muscat, and his wife, in Panama, to hide supposed payments from the ruling family in Azerbaijan. Involved, politicians and bankers.
The FBI has already offered to investigate your assassination.

I have to confess one thing, Daphne. I would have liked to devote myself to research journalism. However, life directs the steps through other paths.
Today and now, it is completely unavoidable to compare your bravery, professionalism and journalistic ethics with the latest «professional» practices that I have had to see, hear and read from peers in the process of independence of Catalonia.
I encourage you to compare what you have done, and it has cost you your life, with those who give valid facts and testimonies without even contrasting them! It is the damn post-truth! It is the damned audience! It is the damn voice of the master!

Daphne you are, without a doubt, braver than I do. I recognize that I think more than once and twice publicly according to what personal information and reflections given the possible consequences and reprisals.
I just hope to keep a sketch of your immense integrity.

This one only pretended to be, then, a humble, indignant and visceral tribute and recognition to you, Daphne.

Before being cowardly assassinated, you wrote in one of your latest posts on social networks: «There are criminals everywhere you look. The situation is desperate «.
In Catalonia, for other reasons, justice and freedom of expression are at stake.

All in all, I love Daphne.
All in all, journalism lives.
And they will not make us shut up.

Rest peacefully

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